Why web based?

Web based OMS and WMSDoes your company manage a high volume of orders on a daily basis?  Is your order management system (OMS) making the process easy on you?   Can everyone involved with the order flow access your OMS to enter orders or make adjustments?  Perhaps the problem is that your OMS is not web based.  With the growing trend of software as a service (SaaS) has come a lot of flexibility and scalibility for companies in all different industries.  The order management and warehouse management software market has now caught on and there are options for web based order managament systems that allow companies this tremendous advantage.

Using traditional software historically has meant hosting the application locally.  With this configuration came issues with technical support, local system crashes, constant new version purchases and installations.  Additionally with a locally hosted system it was very difficult to create an avenue for anyone to access the system.  With a web based application your order infrastructure can be accessed by:

  • Warehouse employees
  • Clients
  • Sales reps
  • End customers
  • Customer service agents

This flexibility allows your company to operate more efficiently and creates a hub for your business with all of the peripheral operations and  software software systems integrating with it.

If you host your own OMS or WMS then you probably understand everything that comes along with this type of configuration.  The constant threat of crashed drives and bugs in the system are enough to keep you up at night if you are responsible.  With a hosted web application, all of the standard IT concerns are gone.  With SaaS the pricing structure is different.  You will often be required to pay a monthly fee as opposed to purchasing the software up front.  But most providers are able to pool the IT maitenance and keep the costs down.  The result is a worry free environment which allows you to concentrate on the important aspects of your business; managing operations and generating new business.

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