5 Pillars of Internet Marketing

E-commerce marketing optionsOver the past ten years I spent a lot of time working in the order fulfillment industry.  I was the owner of a small 3PL company.  As a small business owner, I wore many hats.  From janitor to secretary to accountant I was involved in every aspect of the business.  But the most interesting element of an otherwise monotonous business was my position as lead salesperson.  Since we did very little outbound marketing, most of my time spent on sales was simply fielding incoming inquiries.  I always enjoyed hearing about people’s new, entrepreneurial ideas.  Continue reading

5 simple steps to choosing the right warehouse management software

WMS systemHas the time come for you to migrate over to a new warehouse management software?  If so, you have quite a task ahead of you.  One that requires significant resources.  A defined game plan will help you identify the correct system.  Once you have chosen a new system, it starts to get even more difficult with implementation looming.  Just another reason to do the hard work upfront and be sure that you have selected the right system for your company.  Continue reading